Friday 14 June 2013

170,500 Miles - MOT And Engine Mount

  • MOT - bit of a hassle this time due to an 'SRS-Airbag Service Urgent' warning message on the dash in need of fixing.
  • Top Engine Mount
Had a bit of hassle getting MOT this time. Car passed apart from one item - the MIL light was on with the accompanying message "SRS-AIRBAG SERVICE URGENT". Now to be honest, this message has been on ever since I bought the car; one of those things I kept meaning to get around to investigating, but didn't. The car passed M.O.T. last year with this warning message but this year (well from January 2012), new ruling means that it is an MOT failure to have any warning lights present on the instrument panel. So I had to get it sorted before I could get my MOT.