Wednesday, 23 May 2012

147,000 Miles

Since having the car back from the garage with the new front spring top seats, the handling has been better, but also unfortunately, a knock developed on the front offside, suspiciously sounding like a ball joint. Ball joints had been replaced less than a year ago, so this was obviously a tad annoying.

I jacked the car up a bit, then grabbed the wheel and yanked it too and fro and started to hear and detect a clunking noise. Putting my hand on the ball joint and yanking the wheel again, I could feel the play in the joint, so it was definitely gone.

So I changed that, noting that even with the joint free in my hand, it had severe free play. The rubber gaiter had a hole in it, so it had dried out and worn. Who knows where the hole came from.

After that, I still was getting some vibration when driving at motorway speeds and also the tracking was a mile out.

Luckily it was due in the garage for MOT the next day, so I asked them to sort the tracking and try and find a source of the vibration.

Passed MOT no problem (with the exception of a number plate light bulb and a sidelight bulb) and was aligned again. But they could not trace a fault for the vibration. Their suggestion is that it is probably down to the cheap tyres I am currently using. They are close to the legal limit anyway and show signs of the side walls deteriorating. Cheap tyres = weak side walls = less support = poor ride.

I think it is false economy to buy cheap tyres, so will try and get a better brand on next.

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